Scratch Cards

Scratch Cards

Scratch Cards are fun... Everyone loves to scratch off cards. On this page you will learn how to make your own scratch cards and lottery tickets- so to speak. At the end of this page you will find a great list of ways to use your new lottery tickets!


Supplies Needed:

  • PDF of the tickets
  • red or gray acrylic paint
  • Dish soap
  • Small paint brush
  • Clear scotch or packing tape
  • Scissors or cutter
  • Small container to mix paint

Step One:

Print out the PDF I have provided of the scratch offs in the image below. There are 10 cards on the sheet, just print out more sheets if you need more.

scratch cards


Step two:

Take your Scotch packaging tape and run a strip across eash row of scratch cards, this will for a shield between the scratch offs and the paint and it will make your card shiny.

Step Three:

Use a punch or hand cut out a heart that will cover the white part of the heart. Make sure you cut out the center part of the heart. This will be your template. Place your template over the heart on the ticket. Using a small heart punch worked great for me.

Step Four:

Mix one part dishsoap with two parts arcylic paint and mix gently. If you mix it fast or vigorously you will end up with a bunch of bubbles in your paint! If this does happen, just let the paint sit for a bit or you can tap your container on the table to burst most of the bubbles. If you use the paint with the bubbles your heart will be bumpy.

Step Five:

Paint inside the template... slowly. The paint is thick. Use strokes from the outside of the template to the inside. My first one I just gobbed the paint on and it seeped unter the template. However, all was not lost because I was able to use a tissue and a cotton swab to remove the excess.

Step Six:

Allow plenty of time for your scratch cards to dry before pulling up your templates.

Step Seven:

Cut your scratch offs apart with either scissors or a cutter... it's easier to use a cutter.

Yahoo! You are finished! Now you can give them out!

Here Ate some tips and tricks:

Scratch Cards can be given out for any occasion. But, I think teachers could really go to town with this project! Here's a few ways to give them out:

Valentines Day

Make math games out of them

Put a picture in the center instead of a saying and have kids spell it out.


There are so many different ways these little scratch cards can be used. For example, use them as lottery tickets! You could put candy bar in the center and every time a kid gets something right give them a card with an actual prize in it... The whole class will love it!

Now that you have learned how to make scratch cards, how about trying the Valentine teacher Gift?

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