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tissue box covervalentine teacher gift


Try this Valentine Teacher Gift! How many times has the teachers at your childs school requested tissues to be sent to the classroom?

So, why not make this beautiful tissue box cover and send your required tissues as a Valentine's Day Gift for the teacher? It's an easy craft project to make! This is an excellent gift idea if you need a last minute Valentine gift!


Valentine teacher gift supplies

  • Supplies Needed:
  • 2 patterned papers
  • Cutter or exacto knife
  • Score board and bone folder
  • Box of tissues
  • Adhesive
  • Scissors


Watch the video first if you need too!


Step One:

Cut out the tissue box cover pieces using the PDF or cut file provided. Or you can cut out your own tissue box cover pieces using the mesurements below. If you use the PDF file it works best if you trim your paper to fit your printer and pint the pieces on the paper and then just cut them out with either scissors or exacto knife.

  • Top: 10 X 5 3/4in
  • Long side panels: 9 X 3 1/2in
  • Short back panels: 4 3/4 X 3 1/2in
  • The opening to the tissue box is: 7 X 2in

Step Two:

Valentine Teacher Gift Top BoxScore and crease the half inch score lines you will need to make on the Valentine Teacher Gift:

The top of the tissue box cover score all the way around at the half inch mark.



For the side panels score and crease just the short ends of the panel at the half inch mark. See Video to see how I have done this.

Valentine Teacher Gift sides

Step Three:

Add adhesive (I used Scor tape) to the top of the tissue cover on all four sides. Then add adhesive to the short ends of the long side panels. For the short end panels you can either add adhesive to the top, and sides or just the sides.

Valentine Teacher Gift Top Adhesive


Do NOT add adhesive to the bottom of any of the side panels because you don't want the cover to be stuck to the tissue box. This Valentine Teacher Gift can be removed and another box of tissues be put into it so, the teacher could actually save it and reuse it year after year.



Valentine-teacher-gift-side-adhesiveValentine Teacher Gift


valentine teacher gift

Step Four:

You will see at the end of the top of the tissue box cover that there are little boxes between the score marks at the top and the sides. Cut one side of the little box on all 4 sides with all the cuts going in the same direction.


valentine teacher gift corners




Next, bring the little part that you cut up to meet the edge and score line to for the corner of the tissue box cover. Do this on all four corners.

Do a quick fit test... Try the top on the tissue box to see how it fits. It should be a good fit.

Step Five:

Take the adhesive tape strips off the top of the tissue cover. Take one of the long side panels and line up the corner on one end and press the top down while valentine teacher giftholding the panel down on the table and and adhere the side on to the top. Do the same thing for the other long panel. Watch your paper pattern if you are using pattern paper, you don't want to put it on upside down!

valentine teacher gift







Next, (remove tape, if you are using scor tape) take one of the short panels and line up one of the corners and adhere it to the top and sides of the tissue cover. Now, you Valentine Teacher Gift is finished as far as construction goes.



Step Six:

If you are going to add ribbon run scor tape all the way around the top of the tissue box cover remove the tape cover. Next, measure out enough ribbon to go all the way around with enough ribbon to make a bow at the end. You can also run the ribbon around and line it up with the other end and cut it off and make a bow out of another piece of ribbon and glue it on.

Valentine Teacher Giftvalentine teacher gift

tissue box cover

And? YAHOO! You have just created a really cute Valentine Teacher Gift! But, don't limit your self, this craft project can be altered for any season or holiday. Here are some others I have made.. time for you to come up with some good ideas or just do what I did! After you finish you Valentine teacher gift check out some other great Valentine gift ideas.

tissue box covervalentine teacher gift


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