Repositionable Adhesive

What's the difference between repositionable adhesive and permanent adhesive?

Repositional Adhesive will provide a bond that is not permanent and will work on many materials like: paper, wood, plastic, craft foam, plaster, fabric, photos and glitter.

Why would you need to use repositionable adhesive?

I used it when I was making bows. I used it to hold the ribbon on to the cardboard until I could gather it into a bow and tie it off. You can take a look here at how I used repositionable adhesive.

Remember- if you are using a liquid or spray repositionable adhesive you must wait until it is completely dry before using it as a temporary adhesive. If you use it while it is wet, it will work just like glue works.

There are many reasons you might want to use it as well:

  • Move scrapbook photos and embelishments around until you know where you want them.


  • Putting photos or other light weight items on the refrigerator or wall. Works great for work situations.


  • A spray repositionable adhesive works great if you have a cutting machine like the Cricut and need to make your cutting mats sticky again... again you must wait until the adhesive is completely dry to put the plastic cover on your mat or you will ruin the mat. The plastic that covers that mat will be permanently glued to the mat... you won't be able to get the plastic back off.


  • If you wait until the adhesive is dry it will feel tacky to the touch allowing for paper to stick but not glue it down.



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