Permanent Adhesive

Permanent Adhesive is generally used to adhere something permanently. What that really mean is that if you are doing a craft project and you are using a permanent adhesive there will be no changing your mind like there is with repositionable adhesive or with liquid adhesive.

There are many types of permanent adhesive products on the market. There is:

Liquid Adhesive: Liquid permanent adhesive can be used with most types of materials, but on paper it could leave bubbles.

If you use liquid you will have some play time in order to move the paper areound a little bit. For example: If you are trying to lin one corner up with another you have a few seconds to nudge the corners in the position you want them.

Tapes: There are several types of adhesive tapes you can use.

  • Scor-Tape: This is the tape I tend to use when I create a new project because it comes in many different sizes and the backing comes off pretty easily with out sticking to me. ScorPal tape is also very easy to tear off as much as you need without using scissors.
  • Red Sticky Tape: This is a very strong tape, but it comes with some problems. It's very hard to get the clear backing off and when you do get it off it tends to stick to your fingers. You can't tear it, so you will need a sharp small pair of scissors while using it.
Permanent Adhesive: See more Scor-tape here for sizes available. 


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