Halloween Goodie Bag

Halloween Goodie Bag

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Here is a very cute Halloween goodie bag that can be made in just a few minutes. Use them as Halloween party favors, then your guests can take something home with them and they won't forget your Halloween party! You can also make this into a great easy kids craft project if you are entertaining children. Make sure you put some of these out for the trick or treaters!

You can make these with regular printer paper if you want too, and you can also download my pattern paper to print. Here is my Halloween Goodie Bag paper.

This is the goodie bag we will be making! It is the one to the far right above. The others are shown so you can see different ways this craft project will look with other designs or clear or rubber stamps. If you don't already have clear or ruber stamps, a great place to start looking is on amazon or ebay.

Halloween Goodie Bag

Supplies Needed:

  • Cardstock or printer paper
  • scissors Scoring tool
  • Adhesive (I used Scor Tape)
  • Ribbon 4 inches
  • Halloween Candy

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Step One:

Cut your paper to 8 1/2 by 6 inches.

Step Two:Halloween Treat Bag

Score on the long side, the 8 1/2 in side at 2 inch, 4inch, 6 inch and at 8 inches. Then turn your paper to the 6 inch side and score at 2 inches.





Step Three:

Turn your paper so you can see the four squares at the bottom. Using your scissors or cutter cut from the bottom of the paper on the score line up to the 2 inch score line. When you get to tHalloween Goodie Baghe very last cut you can just cut that section off because you will not need it. Shown below.





Step Four:

Fold on all the score line using a bone folder to ensure a nice crisp foHalloween Goodie Bagld.









Step Five:

Put adhesive or scor tape on the flaps shown. Don't forget the smaller flap all the way to the left!

Halloween Goodie Bag








Step Six:
Remove the backing from the adhesive if you are using red sticky tape or scor tape. Take the square to the far left and line it up with the score lines from the square right nest to it, it would be the one without adhesive on it.
Halloween Goodie Bag






Continue lining up the squares as shown. The third square fits right on top of the previous square.
Halloween Goodie Bag






Put the flap inside and adhere before lining the last square up on the bottom, it just seemed easier that way!
Halloween Goodie Bag









Step Seven:
One all the sides and flap have been adhered, make sure the seam from the flap is in the back of the bag. With the bag facing you, squeeze the top front and back together to give it a little crease.
Halloween Goodie Bag








Step Eight:
With your 4 inch piece of ribbon fold the ribbon over so you have a V shape.

Halloween Goodie Bag




Halloween Goodie Bag






Put Candy in your Halloween Goodie Bag! Now Squeeze the bag together again and staple your ribbon on the bag, this will also keep your bag closed. Halloween Goodie Bag








And... YAHOO! You have yourself a super cute Halloween Goodie Bag!


Halloween Goodie Bag






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