Frog Punch Art

Easy Frog Punch Art with Paper Punches

Frog Punch Art


Make this frog punch art and make it into a fridge magnet or you could even put in on a paper clip to make a bookmark. there are so many different things you can do with punch art! How about a fridge magnet? You could use this for party invitations.

Once you have finished making this frog punch art project, go and make the others!

Frog Punch Art Instructions

Step 1:

Layer the two circles for the body, the smaller one on top of the bigger one.

Step 2:

Layer the circles for the eyes and adhere them to the face and then adhere the face to the body. Here's the details for how I made the eyes. I cut 2 white circles, then 2 black circles and 2 green circles. Now I cut them to fit the way they look. The black circle is just a little bigger that the green circle to give the eyelash line. The actual eye lashed were drawn on with a pen.

Frog Punch Art

Step 3:

Adhere the mouth to the face, and with this I just cut a circle and then cut it in half.

Step 4:

The legs are two ovals. Adhere them at an angle.

Step 5:

Cut a flower in half and use them for the feet. Adhere the to the back of the body leaving a little hang out.

And again, These are really easy to make, and you can do so much with them. Use a frog punch art and attach them to large paper clips and use them as bookmarkers.
They would make great gifts.

Or if you are having a party for a child attach them to gift bags or to cup or put on a tooth pick and stick in cupcakes!

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Frog Punch Art


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