Flag Pin Craft

Wear this easy to make festive flag pin craft on your clothes for the 4th of July!

Flag Pin Craft

Here is a great patriotic flag pin craft to wear proudly! This is a pretty simple project to make. Give them out to your friends, family and co-workers! They will love them.

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Watch flag pin craft youtube video instruction here


Flag Pin Craft Supplies Needed:

American Flag project

Ribbon red, white and Blue
Wood Working Tool
Patriotic pin
(I got these at Oriential Trading)



Step One:
Cut three pieces of ribbon, one in each color to 6 inches in length.
American Flag I used a little adhesive to hold the three together. If you need to watch the youtube video click here.

Flag Pin



Step Two:
Twist your ribbon together around to form this shape. I like to have the red up front.

American Flag








Step Three: Patriot Flag Take your wood working tool and put a hole in the center of your ribbon. Caution: The wood working tool is very hot and will burn your skin and anything it touches. Make sure you are using a metal pan or cookie sheet while making the center hole.






American Flag Pin

Step Four:
Take your pin and remove the back. Push the post through the ribbon and put the backing of the pin back on.




Step Five: American Flag USA
Using your scissors, cut straight up fron the corner of the red strip of ribbon to give the tails an angle.

And, you are DONE! YAHOO! This is a great craft project. Now, put your little treats in a cute bowl on your desk or on the picnic table!






Flag Pin Craft


Watch flag pin craft youtube video

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