Double Loop Bow

How To Make A Double Loop Bow - The Easy Way

Double loop Bow

The double loop bow is very easy to make once you get the hang of it. These cute little bows can range in size depending on the size you choose to make. They can be used on scrapbook pages, cards and attached on gifts.

Supplies Needed: basic bow with double loops supplies

Ribbon- A 17 inch piece of grosgrain ribbon

is what I used to make this bow


String or embroidery floss

Jumbo Hair Clip

Lighter/wood working tool- You will need a lighter or a wood working tool to seal the ends of your ribbon after you cut it in order to avoid the ends from fraying over time.  Watch double loop bow video 


Step One:

Cut the ends of your ribbon into a spike or V-cut. Fold your ribbon in half the long way, not end to end. The opening of the fold should be pointed in toward you. Take a sharp pair of scissors and place them at the corner of the ribbon and cut up with an angled motion. Once you have both ends cut, take a lighter and run the flame lightly across the cut ends. You will know it is sealed when the ends feel a little crispy.

A word of caution here: You need NOT hold the flame near the ribbon ends for any longer than a couple of seconds. Learn how to seal the ends of your ribbon for Double Loop Bow or basic bow.

Step Two:basic bow first angle

If you are right handed, open your left hand with your thumb pointing straight up towards the sky, if you are left handed put your right hand up and thumb up towards the sky. Take your ribbon and lay one of the cut ends across your palm with the cut end towards your thumb and the rest of the ribbon towards your little finger. Bring your thumb down just to hold the ribbon in place.

Step Three:

basic bow wrapping around the hand oncebasic bow arapped around hand twice

Wrap the ribbon around your hand, closer to the base of your fingers. You will wrap the ribbon around twice and bring the tail around and have it lay across your hand at an angle. It will lay on the little finger side of your hand (palm). When you look at your ribbon as it is wrapped around your hand you should see that the two tails point away from each other.

Step Four:

Gently remove ribbon from hand putting the bow on a jumbo clip

Gently remove the basic bow ribbon from your hand holding on to the center. Use a jumbo hair clip to hold the ribbon in place once you get it off your hand. Your hair clip should have openings on it. Using a clip that does not have the openings will not work.

Step Five:

Weave string through the jumbow clipturn clip upsidedown to weave stringbasic bow


basic bow 2triming the stringremove bow from clip and trim string

Weave your string or floss from the bottom of your jumbo clip to the top and only cross the string, then weave it back down through the clip and turn the clip over and tie your string. When you tie your string it is very important you pull string tight, but do it slowly. this is what creates the nice folds or creases on the front of the bow.

Your double loop bow is now complete- YAHOO! All you have to do is decide if you will add a knot to the center or something else.


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Double loop Bow





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